Cabinet made of Compostboard* 

 Furniture design for Rik Makes


This design of a cabinet was made, intentionally to show a possibility ​what could be made with the sustainable sheet material Compostboard*.

This material has many visual qualities depending on the way it has been produced. Where material as main element should meet the function of showcasing the possibilities that come with this material, I treated this cabinet as a display; a cabinet where shelves are the focus which draw attention to its observer. 

Angles in the design create a better perspective on the surface, because light will strike on top, and thus create shadows on the graphic piece of furniture, enhancing the qualities of each surface.



*Compostboard is Rik Makes first example that shows the beautiful possibility of living with nature. Our furniture is circular. We use left-over streams of nearby agricultural landscape. Creating a opportunity to mass-consume furniture without harm. All materials will in the end be returned to soil. Giving back the nutrients and fibres useful for nature or farmers.

Rik Makes

Pictures by Rik Makes

Design for the cabinet

Colour proposal with four different shades, realized by adding different fibres to the mixture

© Rebekka Evers, 2021

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