Colour Blinds 

 Graduation project - Design Academy Eindhoven, 2018 

Colour Blinds is a conclusion of a research into the different qualities of colour. Our perception of colour is changing all the time, it’s the way in which we form a subjective image of an objective reality. The brain regulates the transition. We can't control this phenomenon. Neither do we have control over optical colour mixing, which happens when a viewer perceives colour as a result of at least two colours that are positioned near each other. The perceived colour is not actually on the surface.


These fascinations are translated into a set of woven textiles, which form a set of panel blinds which can be used either to divide the space or for window covering. Three duos of complementary colours have been the foundation of the set. 

Coloured yarns are alternated with transparent thread. It allows them to interact with their nearby surrounding. Each complementary pair focusses on one of the qualities.


Complementary colours merge into another hue when mixed optically. In fact, they are separate, but we perceive the loose layers as one. The visual result of a complementary duo is a less saturated tone.


On the other hand, colours are being enhanced, when two of the same overlap. A larger quantity of one colour causes a more pure and saturated result.


There are countless gradations between just two colours. The proportion of two colours determines how the optical mixture is perceived. The first colour gradually moves into another.



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