Oak in research 

 Research of The Hidden Colour of Oak - Design Academy Eindhoven, 2018 

On this page you can see how the research was translated into a serie of furniture

I've been interested in how weather can influence the colour of a material

- rain, wind, sunlight, warmth, cold

I came across the following fact:

Oxidized nails react with the tannins in wood: it changes the colour when the liquid has dried.

A liquid is made of apple cider vinegar with some steel wool, which oxidizes really quickly

Will the just colour stay at the surface?

How deep does the colour go into the wood?

Does time influence the colour?

Does it matter on which surface I apply the liquid on?

Will the wood absorb the liquid after some time, and so lower the level of the liquid?

When it will be absorbed, will the colour be darker when exposed longer?

- the deeper inside the wood, the darker the colour?

How to translate the conclusions of the first experiments into a technique or product?

- new multiplex: where the connection between two layers is emphasized by sanding the edge

- wood joints where the joints have contrasting colours in stead of being hidden in the surface

- pattern from wooden shapes, combining light and dark colour



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